The Event

The RILEM Spring Convention (RILEM‐SC) is a recent RILEM initiative that occurs every year, during the spring. The third RILEM Spring Convention and Conference, RSCC2020, will be organized by the University of Minho, in Guimarães, between the 10th and the 14th of March 2020. The same event will combine the RILEM standing committee meetings (TAC, DAC, DEV, Bureau), several RILEM technical committee meetings (TC), a PhD Workshop, a Plenary RILEM Workshop and a Conference. RSCC2020 will be an ideal opportunity to network and meet with partner organizations, as well as to take advantage of a high quality technical programme and appreciate the cultural and emotional atmosphere provided by the social events.

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Short Programme and Logistics


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Volume 1: Strategies for a Resilient Built Environment
Volume 2: New Materials and Structures for Ultra-durability
Volume 3: Service Life Extension of Existing Structures
Volume 4: Shift to a Circular Economy